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Day 18

Today I’m grateful that staying in Pittsburgh means being closer to Marcus’s family.  Marcus and I went to his hometown yesterday to pick up our turkey from his dad and some other Thanksgiving ingredients from his mom.  I got to play with his sister’s dog children, which is always fun.  Staying in Pittsburgh has given both of us a chance to spend more time with them and me the opportunity to get to know them better and vice versa.  Even though we aren’t related, they feel like family and they’re far closer to us (spatially) than any of my family members.  They can even come for Thanksgiving and don’t have to spend the night, which is good since we don’t have room to put them up!


Day 16

Today I’m grateful to live in a city that offers so much to do, and so much to do for free (great for a couple on a budget).  Tonight, Marcus and I went to see the Light Up Night fireworks – done by Zambelli, the first family of fireworks! – downtown.  We wanted to avoid the crowds so we wound up parking in the Strip District and walking along the river, and had a pretty great view of the show right over the Three Sisters bridges:

Pretty nice, huh?  I love the lights on the water below.  On the way home, we had the good luck to pass by an Oscar Mayer Wienermobile parked outside a hotel in Oakland.  I’ve never seen one so it was pretty exciting, at least for me.  I know that wasn’t part of the city’s free entertainment but it kind of felt like it, as though the city were saying, “Here, have this to cap off your night of free fun!”  Thanks, Pittsburgh!

Edible Book Festival – it’s coming!

Join Pitt SCALA as we celebrate the Edible Book Festival this Sunday, April 1, from 10 am – noon.  We’ll be at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh LYNCS location in the Pittsburgh Public Market.  Come and celebrate “the ingestion of culture and a way to concretely share a book; it is also a deeper reflexion on our attachment to food and our cultural differences” (Books2eat).

There will be clever creations on display, made by graduate students in the Library and Information Science program at the University of Pittsburgh and the Food Studies program at Chatham University!  Vote on your favorites by donating money (in any amount – big or small!) to Book ‘Em, a local non-profit that sends reading materials to prisoners in Pennsylvania and across the country.

When you vote, you’ll get a raffle ticket that gives you a chance to win a prize basket filled with great items from vendors in the Market.  The creation that earns the most money for Book ‘Em will also receive a prize basket and the raffle and prize ceremony will happen at noon.  And, if you get hungry looking at all the creations, there all the great vendors in the Market to visit.  Oh, we’ll also have free cookies to munch on.

This Sunday from 10 am – noon – Edible Book Festival!  (View the awesome poster: EdibleBooksposter.)

Edible Book Festival!

I’m getting really excited for the SCALA – Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh partnership for our celebration of the International Edible Book Festival!  It will be a celebration of food and books at CLP LYNCS in the Pittsburgh Public Market.  I’m on the planning committee and we came up with some great ideas for a raffle and prizes for the raffle and the best “creation.”  Here’s the awesome poster we came up with to advertise: EdibleBooksposter

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