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Day 29 & Day 30

Really very late on these last two days and it’s quite shameful because now I’m into December and Christmas!  Oh well, here’s my wrap up of 30 days of gratitude.

Day 29: I’m thankful for my good health.  Despite some odd things that have cropped up here and there, I haven’t really been sick in over a year.  I haven’t had a cold or other illness and have no chronic health issues.  I am extremely grateful for this, especially when this is the time of year for getting sick!  Most of my loved ones seem to have the same good health (with the exception of colds and such) and I’m grateful for this as well.

Day 30:  I’m grateful for music and a love of singing instilled in me over long years in choir and singing with friends.  This is the time of year I frequently feel like breaking into song and I can’t really imagine my life without music.

This has been a good exercise for me.  It’s not that I don’t recognize that I have a lot for which to be thankful most of the time, but sometimes I tend to overlook a lot of the little things that make my life so rich and wonderful.  This month has helped me be mindful of those things.  And obviously, observing one thing to be grateful for every day for a month inspires a lot of positivity.


Day 27 & 28

Day 27:  Today I’m grateful that I don’t have a slum landlord.  So, our apartment has had a number of things wrong with it since we moved in.  It hasn’t been anything major but it seems like every time one thing is fixed, another thing breaks.  Or a mouse moves in, even though we weren’t looking for another roommate.  However, our management company doesn’t give us grief about it or accuse us of breaking these things ourselves, and they’re pretty quick about sending someone to fix them.  I e-mailed the management company on Monday about our leaking tub faucet and lo and behold, someone showed up today to fix it!  Plus, it was our favorite handyman who always compliments us on the cleanliness of our apartment and our decorating, and offers Marcus (decent) advice on job hunting.

Day 28:  I’m grateful for penpals!  I’ve been getting a lot of “real” mail lately – that is, mail that isn’t a bill or advertisement.  I’ve gotten two postcards in the past week and a couple earlier this month.  I’ve been sending my fair share of mail as well.  I have a regular letter-writing buddy and have been sending random packages of homemade gifts to people.  I even got a dress in the mail a few weeks ago from a friend who had hosted a clothing exchange and thought the dress would be great for me.  Unfortunately it didn’t fit but it was still a fun package to receive and nice to know she thought of me.  And, I’m looking forward to December – it’s the season for mail!

Day 26

I am thankful for YouTube and its myriad ways to waste time with videos like this (one of my favorites):

Day 25

I am so thankful for this long weekend.  Even though it’s wrapping up, it’s been glorious to do whatever I want for a few days with very few obligations.  Other than cooking Thanksgiving dinner, obviously.  It was so relaxing – I finished two knitting projects, finished two books, hung out with friends, hung out with Marcus, saw some live music, slept in, watched lots of movies, went for long walks, and more.  It was especially nice since I went right from finishing school into work, so I never had a break between the two.

Day 26 will be coming later today…

Day 24

Today, I am grateful for SNOW!  A silly thing for which to be thankful, maybe, especially since three-six months from now I could be grumbling about it.  But, today we received our first snow and while there’s not a lot on the ground, it is lovely to look at and makes it feel like Christmas is on the way!

Day 23

I used to work in retail and for four of the five and a half years I worked at the bookstore, I volunteered for the opening shift on Black Friday.  I was nearly always around for Thanksgiving, more often out of town for Christmas, so it was my way of a.) making it up to my co-workers who worked Christmas Eve or the post-Christmas sale when I was always gone and b.) controlling when I had to work one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year.  If I worked early on Black Friday, sure, that meant going in at 6 am (that’s bookstore early, not Best Buy or Wal-Mart crazy early) but that also meant getting done with my shift at 1 or 2 pm.

Also, after the first year, I realized it was kind of fun.  The bookstore customers were pretty chill, even on Black Friday.  Many of them had already been to three or four stores and the bookstore was the end of their morning.  We always had snacks and they were always appreciative of that, and grateful to be in a mostly calm environment.  Also, I loved organizing the whole thing – stuffing the give-away bags, setting up the snack tables, putting the display signs up, handing out the bags to the people in line, trying to keep my co-workers pumped up before we opened by blasting fun music (also before we had to put on the requisite Christmas music).

All that being said, I dislike Black Friday and always have.  Even though I made it fun for myself when I had to work that day, I’d drive past all the people waiting outside stores on my way to work (or worse, the night before Thanksgiving or even days ahead of time) and think, “What is wrong with you?  If I didn’t have to go to work right now (or run errands or whatever), I’d be home, asleep or with my family.”  I could go on a rant about Black Friday here but I won’t because this is about being grateful for a few things: I’m grateful for my time at the bookstore, even on Black Fridays; I’m grateful for an ability to turn potentially crappy/not fun situations into fun ones; and I’m grateful to no longer work in retail and to have a four-day weekend and the option of sleeping in on the biggest shopping day of the year.

Day 22

Today I’m thankful for my family.  This is my first Thanksgiving and will be my first Christmas not spent with my relatives or Chelsea’s family (who are family, as far as I’m concerned).  Yes, Marcus is family too, but it’s hard to be away from all the rest of them on this, my favorite holiday, and the holiday that for me, is all about family.  But, I am so grateful for their love and support, which I feel in every phone call, e-mail, and Facebook message.  I would not be who I am without that sustaining love and with it, I can create a home wherever I am.  So thank you, Mom and Mike, Dad, Ethan and Jennie, Ian and Leah and Tyler and Jacob, Chelsea and John, Kurt and Peg and Lee.  I love you and I miss you and I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving.

Day 21

Today I’m grateful for beautiful fall evenings like this one:

ImageOkay, it’s not the best photo but I was headed out for walk and needed to take it before the sun set too much more.  The light was so lovely on the trees in the park and there was just the right amount of crispness in the air.  There have been a number of days and evenings like that this fall and they’ve given me ample opportunity to enjoy the weather of my favorite season.

Day 19 & 20

Day 19:  Yesterday I was so grateful for my bed.  Since last week was finals week, this week we’ve had shorter hours at the library, so I’m working early this week instead of my usual 2-10.  I don’t sleep in late most days but I’m certainly not getting up at 6:30/7 since I usually don’t get to bed until midnight at the earliest.  It’s hard to come home from work and go right to bed!  Getting up earlier has been a bit of a struggle, so getting into bed at 10:45 last night felt absolutely amazing.

Day 20: I’m grateful for my short commute.  With above mentioned 2-10 shift, traffic is never a problem but even yesterday and today, driving to work at 8:15 hasn’t been bad.  I’m thankful I have a 10-15 minute commute.

Day 18

Today I’m grateful that staying in Pittsburgh means being closer to Marcus’s family.  Marcus and I went to his hometown yesterday to pick up our turkey from his dad and some other Thanksgiving ingredients from his mom.  I got to play with his sister’s dog children, which is always fun.  Staying in Pittsburgh has given both of us a chance to spend more time with them and me the opportunity to get to know them better and vice versa.  Even though we aren’t related, they feel like family and they’re far closer to us (spatially) than any of my family members.  They can even come for Thanksgiving and don’t have to spend the night, which is good since we don’t have room to put them up!

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