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Day 18

Today I’m grateful that staying in Pittsburgh means being closer to Marcus’s family.  Marcus and I went to his hometown yesterday to pick up our turkey from his dad and some other Thanksgiving ingredients from his mom.  I got to play with his sister’s dog children, which is always fun.  Staying in Pittsburgh has given both of us a chance to spend more time with them and me the opportunity to get to know them better and vice versa.  Even though we aren’t related, they feel like family and they’re far closer to us (spatially) than any of my family members.  They can even come for Thanksgiving and don’t have to spend the night, which is good since we don’t have room to put them up!


New Montana State Librarian

My sister-in-law has been named the new Montana State Librarian!  There was a nationwide search and it came down to her and two others and she earned the position despite having fewer years of experience than the other candidates. Amazing that she’s got such a prestigious position less than 10 years or so out of graduate school.  Congratulations, Jennie!

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