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Man, I’ve never been as into horoscopes as I am into astrobarry.  His stuff feels so spot on every week that I’ve taken to reading it regularly, the second it shows up in my Facebook feed.  I’ve been feeling completely underwhelming the past few months, and yes, I mean I feel underwhelming as in my personality and energy level is underwhelming, not that I feel overwhelmed.  And I’ve been okay with that, since I went through a whole series of big changes all it once, so it was totally a-okay to kind of go underground, as it were.  Lo and behold, I read astrobarry’s horoscope for Aquarius this week:

In the days leading up to Christmas, your expressed personality may comprise of little more than playing along… all while the more authentically engaged part of you remains somewhat preoccupied with behind-the-scenes machinations you feel you must complete, in order to fulfill a sort of contract you signed with yourself… Once planetary-engine Mars hits your sign on Christmas Day, however, your fuller self will rather abruptly show all the way up to the party… feeling (hopefully) refreshed and resolute after a spell spent underground, no longer content to fade unassuming into the wallpaper papers, and so fucking ready to act wild and crazy in your deserved desire to amply make up for lost playtime.

I don’t want to copy too much of it but the general gist of it resonates so strongly with me and where I’ve been mentally and emotionally the past 4-5 months.  We’ll see if Mars entering Aquarius really does kick off some refreshed appearance of my “fuller self” but either way, I’m looking forward to a vacation next week and that can only bring a renewed sense of self.


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