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Day 29 & Day 30

Really very late on these last two days and it’s quite shameful because now I’m into December and Christmas!  Oh well, here’s my wrap up of 30 days of gratitude.

Day 29: I’m thankful for my good health.  Despite some odd things that have cropped up here and there, I haven’t really been sick in over a year.  I haven’t had a cold or other illness and have no chronic health issues.  I am extremely grateful for this, especially when this is the time of year for getting sick!  Most of my loved ones seem to have the same good health (with the exception of colds and such) and I’m grateful for this as well.

Day 30:  I’m grateful for music and a love of singing instilled in me over long years in choir and singing with friends.  This is the time of year I frequently feel like breaking into song and I can’t really imagine my life without music.

This has been a good exercise for me.  It’s not that I don’t recognize that I have a lot for which to be thankful most of the time, but sometimes I tend to overlook a lot of the little things that make my life so rich and wonderful.  This month has helped me be mindful of those things.  And obviously, observing one thing to be grateful for every day for a month inspires a lot of positivity.


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