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Day 27 & 28

Day 27:  Today I’m grateful that I don’t have a slum landlord.  So, our apartment has had a number of things wrong with it since we moved in.  It hasn’t been anything major but it seems like every time one thing is fixed, another thing breaks.  Or a mouse moves in, even though we weren’t looking for another roommate.  However, our management company doesn’t give us grief about it or accuse us of breaking these things ourselves, and they’re pretty quick about sending someone to fix them.  I e-mailed the management company on Monday about our leaking tub faucet and lo and behold, someone showed up today to fix it!  Plus, it was our favorite handyman who always compliments us on the cleanliness of our apartment and our decorating, and offers Marcus (decent) advice on job hunting.

Day 28:  I’m grateful for penpals!  I’ve been getting a lot of “real” mail lately – that is, mail that isn’t a bill or advertisement.  I’ve gotten two postcards in the past week and a couple earlier this month.  I’ve been sending my fair share of mail as well.  I have a regular letter-writing buddy and have been sending random packages of homemade gifts to people.  I even got a dress in the mail a few weeks ago from a friend who had hosted a clothing exchange and thought the dress would be great for me.  Unfortunately it didn’t fit but it was still a fun package to receive and nice to know she thought of me.  And, I’m looking forward to December – it’s the season for mail!


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