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Still catching up…

I’ve had to scrap the November photo-a-day because I seem to have lost my sim card for my camera.  At least all my photos are on my computer; I just have to buy a new card.  And I’m still catching up on the month of gratitude!

Day 3:  I’m grateful for a good job with a good salary, especially during a time millions are struggling to find work.  I got a job so soon after finishing my master’s, and sometimes it seems like a miracle since so many of my peers from grad school are also struggling to find a good position to start their career.  I’m so grateful for the security it provides, knowing I can pay the bills, feed us, and even put some away in savings. 

Day 4:  I’m grateful for daylight savings and turning the clock back, thus affording me an extra hour of sleep!  Actually, what I’m most grateful for today is my community of friends here in the ‘Burgh – friends who like crafty pursuits as much as I do, and love nothing more than to sit around stitching, painting, doodling, snacking, and sipping cider.

Day 5:  Today started off as a weepy one.  There’s been a lot of change in the past few months, well, the past year, really, and I think it’s all caught up to me at once.  So today, I’m grateful for Marcus’s amazing listening abilities.  He’s good at finding solutions when I need them, but also good at keeping quiet if he knows all I want is to talk. 

Day 6:  Today is an obvious one but I’m extremely grateful for the right and ability to vote.  It is a hard-won freedom and I honor all those that struggled to get it by exercising the right.  I’m also grateful that so many of my friends in my home state are like-minded and are voting no on two amendments to the Minnesota constitution.


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