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A month of gratitude starts now (a day late)….

I’m jumping on the month of gratitude bandwagon that I’ve been seeing all over Facebook today and yesterday, but I’ve decided to post it on my blog instead of as statuses.  Partly because I’m just plain wordy.  Partly because I’m doing a November 30 day gratitude photo-a-day challenge.  Of course I left my my camera at work today so can’t load the two photos for today and yesterday.  Oh well, I’ll start my month of gratitude now and get back to the photos tomorrow.

Day 1: After reading about all the devastation on the east coast, and hearing about the rising death toll, gas shortages, transportation problems, the millions of people without power, etc. etc., I have been extremely grateful for my warm, dry and well-lit apartment, the clear roads, and that my loved ones are all safe.

Day 2: Today I am grateful for the long wait Marcus and I had while a leaky tire on the car was being fixed. Three hours at the mechanic meant we had a nice and long (though blustery) walk to BRGR, where we were both happy to see a friend bartending.  We got to catch up with said friend, who also plied us with many beer samples!  We also had a tasty lunch of burgers, fried pickles, and grilled cheese bites.


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