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MRG: Assessment

These sources are for my ongoing Management Resource Guide (MRG) project for LIS 2700. The ninth and final topic is assessment, particularly as it relates to staff and services.

My knowledge of library assessment comes from LIS 2850 The Library’s Role in Teaching & Learning, a class I took this summer thus it was limited specifically to assessment of library instruction.  The resources I’ve included in this section were helpful in showing other aspects of library assessment, including but also moving beyond library instruction.  Sadly, I couldn’t find a good book chapter about assessment so I’ve included a couple of citations for a book and a SPEC kit on assessment.

There was a wealth of library journal articles on assessment but the one I included I did because it was the most comprehensive.  The management journal article was a little more difficult to come by, since a lot of non-library assessment dealt with risk assessment or healthcare assessment and while I could extrapolate relevancy from some, it was kind of stretch.  I wound up selecting an article from The Chronicle of Higher Education but it was highlighted a lot of the goals of assessment within an institution of higher learning, and thus it was easy to apply the same ideas to libraries.  The library policies and procedures were by far the most helpful resources, since it was seeing assessment applied in libraries.

Book chapter
Matthews, J.R. (2007). Library assessment in higher education. Santa Barbara, California: Libraries Unlimited.

Wright, S. & White, L.S. (2007). Library assessment. Washington, D.C. : Association of Research Libraries, Office of Leadership and Management Services.

Professional library journal article

Brown, J. (2002). Ramping up assessment at the UNLV Libraries. Library Hi Tech, 23(3), 396-413.

This article on how the University of Nevada Las Vegas Libraries scaled up their assessment was helpful for me because it covered many different types of assessment (in various departments) and also all the departments involved.  A couple of things stood out while reading this: assessment is a near continual ongoing process with no end in sight.  Ha, no, but it is a process that doesn’t always have a set ending.  Also, nearly all departments in a library must be involved in assessment for it to be truly effective.

Professional management journal article
Wagenaar, T. (2011). Why I Like Assessment. The Chronicle of Higher Education, 57(26).

Once again, an article from The Chronicle instead of true management journal.  However, it is another article that I found especially useful.  It gives reasons why assessment is important, at least in an higher educational setting.  Wagenaar says that through the assessment process, we learn how teaching strategies meet learning outcomes.  Obviously this is aimed at faculty but it’s easy for me to relate it to libraries whether academic, public, or special.  Wagenaar also addresses skepticism and cynicism on the part of faculty (librarians) as to the productivity and efficacy of assessment.  Library managers could look at this and easy translate it into their own dialect to counter any opposition to assessment of library programs and services.

Library policies, procedures, and sites

Other resources


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