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Management Resource Guide: Introduction

On the surface, the Management Resource Guide is a collection of materials I have put together as part of an assignment for LIS 2700 Managing Libraries & Information Systems & Services.  However, it goes deeper than that.  Ulimately, this guide will provide me with references on specific topics for my future as a library professional, whether I am involved in management or not.  The Guide includes journal articles from library and non-library management journals.  It also includes relevant policy or procedure pages from library websites, as well as other useful web resources.  The introductions for each section are brief and discuss which aspects of each topic I chose to focus on and why.  Most of the library policy/procedure pages and additional resources also have brief descriptions of what is to be found at those links and why I selected them for this guide.

These are the nine topics and each provides a direct link to the entry for that topic:

Alternately, you can click on “Management Resource Guide” under Categories on the right-hand sidebar and that will bring up all of the posts on one page.  From there, you can select a topic.


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