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MRG: Budgets & Fiscal Management

These sources are for my ongoing Management Resource Guide (MRG) project for LIS 2700.  The fourth topic is budgets and fiscal management.

This topic came right after I had finished the four-week, one-credit course on Fiscal Management so I felt pretty comfortable with most of the budgeting concepts.  I was still interested in reading about what libraries have been doing in the face of budget cuts, hence the library journal article I chose.  This was another topic where I had a hard time finding a good management journal article.  A lot of it kind of came down to theory or even individual case studies and a lot of what I read was not easily translatable to a library setting.  However, I was able to find a solid collection of web resources to build a toolkit for budgeting.

Book chapter
Evans, G.E. & Ward, P.L. (2007). Managing Money.  Management Basics for Information Professionals (pp. 405-454).  New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers, Ltd.

Professional library journal article
Kaser, D. (2011). “On Average: How Your Library Budget Stacks Up (PDF).” Computers in Libraries, 31(2), 33-35.

This article is helpful in showing where, exactly, all the money goes for various library types.  The results came from a survey of over 1200 public, special, and academic libraries in the U.S.  While it doesn’t provide many tips for how to write a budget, it is helpful to see what libraries are doing in the face of budget cuts and what they found to be important to their patrons.

Curzon, S.C. (2009). Survivor: the library edition: director-to-director guidance on how to cope with more budget shortfalls. Library Journal, 134(6), 22-24.

Curzon gives tips for surviving budget cuts.  Some of them seem common sense but she presents the ideas in ways I hadn’t thought of before.

Professional management journal article
Howell, R.A. (2004). Turn Your Budgeting Process Upside Down.  Harvard Business Review, 82(7-8), 21-22.

This article takes a different approach to the traditional budgeting process by approaching it from a different angle.  The author urges managers to think more expansively with budgets, similar to the strategic planning process, instead of the more short-sighted view of the fiscal year.  This article is a helpful reminder that budgets should not be viewed as static obstacles but as a positive growth process.

Library sites

  • Denver Public Library Budget Resources:  The Denver Public Library has detailed information about their budget including information about the library districts, statistics for library use, and the budget presentation for 2011.  It’s great to be able to look at the whole process.
  • CMLibrary: Library Budget Information:  Information on the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library of Charlotte, NC, specifically on their funding.

Other resources

  • AE 13: Developing the Library Budget: Helpful page from the Wisconsin Department of Education.  Discusses the process, sources of funding including grants and donations, definitions of terms, and a sample budget.
  • Budget Resources and Tips: From the South Central Library System of Wisconsin.  A general how-to of library budgeting.
  • Budgeting Lingo A to Z: Definitions for basic budgeting terms.  Extremely helpful.  Used in my Fiscal Management class.
  • Budgeting & Finance: The ALA’s page on budgeting, great resources including items on ROI, advocating on a budget, and fundraising.

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