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Why I’m in library school

A mini mid-library school crisis has come upon me the past week or so, mostly because I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I have to do.  There’s class, school work outside of class, work work, SCALA-presidency related things, social life, beginning the practically full-time job of looking for a job, and then normal adult-life stuff, like scheduling a dentist appointment which I keep. forgetting. to do.  Graduation is less than six months away, at this point, and I’m stressing about the fact that I have no idea what will happen at that point – will I have a job?  Will I be moving?  Will I not find a job and continue working at the Engineering Library?  Thankfully, Pitt allows student workers to continue working another semester beyond their graduation so if it comes to that, at least I have part-time employment.

I really shouldn’t complain (and I don’t think I have – too much, anyway) since I intentionally made all the choices that led me to this point.  And all of that above is good stuff.  Really good stuff.  But what I really want to do (for a couple of days until it gets old, anyway) is curl up in bed with a book – a non-school book, of course.

To combat these blahs, I tracked down the SlideShare presentation that my sister-in-law (aforementioned State Librarian of Montana!) sent me when I was applying for school in fall 2010.

Even though I knew I wanted to work in libraries, I didn’t know if I had what it takes.  This presentation made it pretty clear that beyond a love of books, knowledge, and information, I have the disposition of a librarian, if not all the technical skills (which I’m gaining in school, obviously).  I love working with people and connecting them to information, I have a passion for libraries and the work of librarians and other information professionals, and I believe that while things have changed significantly for libraries (with more to come), libraries aren’t going anywhere – they’re just adapting and evolving.  So, thanks to the sister-in-law, thanks to Stephen Abram, for sharing the presentation on his blog where the sister-in-law saw it, and thanks ultimately to Ned Potter, for helping me understand librarians and inspiring me to be one.


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