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Little Treasures

I’ve been cleaning and organizing things in preparation for packing.  Not only because I’m that kind of person – mildly anal – but also because I have scads of time on my hands right now.  I’m off from work for, like, three weeks or something.  Seriously.  The last day I worked was the 17th.  I’m not working again until August 5th.  And even after that, the only day I work is August 10th, and boom, I’m done!  Like I said, scads of time.  Oodles, even.

So, I’m using this ridiculous amount of time to get organized – go through old papers, get rid of things I don’t need.  Whilst cleaning I have found some things I had forgotten about.  There’s been nothing major, either majorly embarrassing or majorly weird – yet – but lots of little things that I found funny… like this, the sign I lovingly and carefully made for our team headquarters for KVSC’s trivia marathon in 2008:

Vote Trivia '08

I recycled it.  I think it stayed so long in my craft bin because I thought the paper might be useful for something else.  I’ll post some more soon but right now, it’s off to Half Price Books in Crystal to sell about a third of my book collection.  I’m cringing inwardly but putting on a brave face, for it must be done!  It must!


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