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Little Treasures

I’ve been cleaning and organizing things in preparation for packing.  Not only because I’m that kind of person – mildly anal – but also because I have scads of time on my hands right now.  I’m off from work for, like, three weeks or something.  Seriously.  The last day I worked was the 17th.  I’m not working again until August 5th.  And even after that, the only day I work is August 10th, and boom, I’m done!  Like I said, scads of time.  Oodles, even.

So, I’m using this ridiculous amount of time to get organized – go through old papers, get rid of things I don’t need.  Whilst cleaning I have found some things I had forgotten about.  There’s been nothing major, either majorly embarrassing or majorly weird – yet – but lots of little things that I found funny… like this, the sign I lovingly and carefully made for our team headquarters for KVSC’s trivia marathon in 2008:

Vote Trivia '08

I recycled it.  I think it stayed so long in my craft bin because I thought the paper might be useful for something else.  I’ll post some more soon but right now, it’s off to Half Price Books in Crystal to sell about a third of my book collection.  I’m cringing inwardly but putting on a brave face, for it must be done!  It must!


The Minneapolis-St. Paul Bucket List

Moving is less than a month away.  I am excited.  I am anxious.  I am not ready, either physically, i.e. packing up my goods, or emotionally, i.e. not ready to say goodbye yet, or mentally, i.e. I’m really not ready to go back to school yet.  Look at that.  So not ready.  I am not sure which is the scariest and hardest to deal with.  Well, really, packing will be relatively easy, despite its inherent unfun-ness.  The saying goodbye part will come first but will be over so quickly.  No, wait, I will get to Pittsburgh, start school, be completely frazzled, and STILL miss my friends.  Hmm, probably saying goodbye will win as the hardest part and I am going to cry.  Hoo boy, will I cry.

But it will be good, right?  It’s all worth it?  I will be in school again, learning, furthering my education, studying something that truly interests me, and (hopefully) getting a job not in retail when I get done.  Right?  That’s what it’s all about, after all, this whole going to graduate school thing and despite the snark, and the anxiety and trepidation, I am very excited.  And will be ready.  When the time comes.  I will, I swear.  I still reserve my right to tears, however.

Ah, but I’m not ready!  I haven’t done all the things from my bucket list!  Lame, lame, lame.

  • Swedish Insitute – have not done
  • Hennepin County History Center – nope
  • Brunch at Forepaugh’s – no, and probably to remain so due to lack of funds
  • Adult Spelling Bee at 331 Club – I’m going to try.  Man, I want to do this.
  • Canoeing the Lakes – no
  • Bowling at Bryant Lake Bowl – god, I suck.
  • Eat outside – hey, I’ve done this!
  • The Grand Cafe – brunch at the end of May
  • Witch’s Hat Tower – ascended!
  • Camping – for Shelly’s birthday in June at Willow River State Park in Wisconsin.
  • Unique Thrift – I’ve been twice now!  I purchased a really awesome percolator for aforementioned camping trip.
  • J.J. Hill House – no
  • Movies in Loring Park – sad
  • Mill City Museum – gah
  • Ice skating at the Depot – will not happen now
  • Breakfast at Victor’s – yes!
  • Art In Bloom – I’m lame.  Went to the MIA for the Titian exhibit in April and missed Art In Bloom by a week.
  • Sledding – well, crap.
  • Spend more time in St. Paul – yes!  I’ve done this!  I’ve now been to Izzy’s Ice Cream, the Cheeky Monkey Deli, the beach at Lake Phalen, the Eagle Street Grill, the Grandview Theater, and so much more!
  • Spend time with friends, friends, and more friends – Check!  Check!  Check!  I’ve even made some new ones.

You know what?  I don’t feel bad.  I’ve done a lot.  My dad came and we went to the Schwalbe’s lake house and a BBQ at my aunt and uncle’s.  I caught up with a friend I haven’t seen in years and got hit in the head with a champagne cork.  I got rid of my car and am now a committed biker/bus rider and couldn’t be happier (though getting rid of it was unintentional since I crashed it).  I’ve gone swimming more times this summer than in the past few combined.  I’ve gone to happy hours on patios and walked around Uptown and been on boats and gone to baseball games.  I’ve eaten at least a dozen hot dogs and bratwursts.  And there’s a month left!  A whole month which will be filled with a daytrip to New Ulm, more beach/swimming time, at least two going away parties, a birthday party and a book club retreat.

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